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Krakow Tours can organise any trip to the most popular sites within and near Krakow – you’ll find a good selection here to choose from, and we’re always on the lookout for new places to visit. In addition to the tried and trusted, we’ve included a few tours you won’t get anywhere else. See the Krakow we see!

Recent review:
Auschwitz & Birkenau
 Jennifer Miller 16th Feb 2019
The tour was excellent. Very interesting to visit and not to be missed.

Popular Tours:

185 PLN
per person

A place of remembrance

Duration: ~ 3.5 hrs
185 PLN
per person

An unforgettable underground experience

Duration: ~ 2.5 hrs
355 PLN
per person

A full day visiting Krakow's most important sites

Duration: ~ 11 hrs
160 PLN
per person

Take a blast to the Commie past

Duration: 2.5 hrs
200 PLN
per person

Vodka, pickles and Trabants!

Duration: 4.5 hrs
120 PLN
per person

Learn to make Poland's most famous dish!

Duration: ~ 3 hrs
180 PLN
per person

Polish Cooking Lessons in a Krakow home

Duration: ~ 5 hrs
80 PLN
per person

Enjoy a home-cooked meal with locals in Krakow

Duration: ~2 hrs
275 PLN
per person

The history, the film and real-life stories

Duration: ~3.5 hrs
105 PLN
per person

Pedal-powered sightseeing. Lunch included!

Duration: 4 - 4.5 hrs
140 PLN
per person

Peddle out of the city!

Duration: 4 - 4.5 hrs
240 PLN
per person

It's not all wodka here!

Duration: ~ 6 hrs
225 PLN
per person

See the city with an english speaking guided tour

Duration: 3 hrs
225 PLN
per person

See history, feel the present

Duration: 2 hrs
400 PLN
per person

Big mountains for big fun

Duration: 1 day
310 PLN
per person

Take a break from the city centre and see the countryside

Duration: ~ 4 hrs
2950 PLN
for group of 3

Rise-up over Krakow!

Duration: 45 - 55 min
475 PLN
per person

Beautiful views with adventure

Duration: 1 day

Everyone knows that Krakow is, culturally, one of the richest cities in Europe. Named City of Culture in the Millenium Year, the heart of Krakow has additionally been declared a World Heritage Site. As soon as you arrive in its stunning medieval town centre, with its famous Cloth Hall (Sukiennice), Wawel Castle, and vast central square (The Rynek), you'll understand why. But how can the visitor go beyond the picture-postcard prettiness and really begin to discover the reality of life here? It's simple really - in the company of people who are knowledgeable about and love the city! That's where we come in.

Our guides are young, knowledgeable and full of energy. They know their stuff and they love sharing it. We keep the stuffiness to nil, and give you a genuinely good experience. You'll leave feeling like you've just visited your best friend.

For any tour that requires transport, we'll pick you up and drop you off wherever you want. That's the kind of flexibility we can offer and that's the kind of service we want you to expect. You get to shape the tours as much as you prefer. We also do everything in our power to keep the tours private - you'll find no overcrowded busses here!

We pride ourselves on providing first class service and truly unique experiences. We look forward to helping you make your journey to Krakow a most memorable one.