180 PLN
per person

Polish Pierogi Classes

Duration: ~ 3 hrs Lunch included

About Polish Pierogi Classes

Poland’s most famous food is the amazing ‘pierogi’ – dumplings filled, most commonly, with cabbage and mushrooms, meat or cottage cheese. No doubt on your trip to Krakow you will have a chance to try these out at a local restaurant, but they are generally cooked from frozen and have nothing in common with the proper freshly-made and home-cooked variety. Join Marta at her home in Krakow and learn how to make them properly, all the way from preparing the dough itself to the various fillings and the cooking process. At the end of the class, you’ll get to enjoy your hard work, plus some other great food which Marta always cook, making a 3 course meal all included with your event.

Event Information

Once you have booked, you will be given the address of the cook’s home and the confirmed time of the pierogi classes, as well as straightforward advice on how to get there by taxi or public transport. Marta’s home is very close to the centre and can be reached easily on foot in half an hour from the Old Town, or by a 12 minutes tram or taxi ride. When you arrive at Marta’s home you will be welcome by her and enjoy some coffee or tea before starting the pierogi making lessons. Everything is hands-on, friendly and fun in her well-equipped home kitchen. You will be provided with all necessary cooking tools and aprons for your lesson.


Price per person – 180 PLN per person

What’s included in the price?

Pierogi cooking lessons for 3 hours, a full, home-cooked meal, drinks, and lots of fun!

Further information & Terms

More information can be found on Marta’s profile on eataway.com.

Photos by Jarek Frycz