140 PLN
per person

Krakow Country Bicycle Tour

Duration: 4 - 4.5 hrs Start between 11-12am / return by 3-4pm 25 km

About Krakow Country Bike Tour

If you’ve seen all the major sights of Krakow (maybe you took our city bike tour!) then this afternoon bike ride is one for you. A chance to get out of the city and explore some of the surrounding countryside with the freedom that only two wheels brings!

Tour Information

The chief destination of this tour is the beautiful Tyniec Abbey, which rises majestically atop of wooded hills just 11km from Krakow. Your private guide will lead you there via riverside cycling paths, and along the way you’ll have the chance to admire some lovely landscapes as well as a smattering of fortresses and palaces. Once you arrive at the ancient monastery itself (its origins date back to the 10th century) you’ll see architectural marvels from Renaissance times and hear Benedictine monks chant the liturgy of the hours.

Once your limbs are suitably rested, you’ll start homeward bound through the Tyniec woods, for a more intimate adventure in the Polish countryside. Hidden behind bushes and trees you’ll even discover an old Austrian fortress frozen in time. Around this point of the tour the sun will slowly be setting, indicating that it’s time to get out your cameras out for a superb shot of the cliffs of the wizard Sir Twardowski. Not long ago these rocks were a quarry, where Pope John Paul II himself worked as a miner; but today, filled with water, the site is a beautiful, hidden lake for swimming, sunbathing, scuba diving and rock climbing. From this breathtaking vantage point there’ll just be time to watch the sun setting over Krakow before scooting back home on your faithful beachcruiser bike, ready to explore the city’s legendary nightlife.

What you will see along the way:

  • Vistula River
  • Benedictine Abbey
  • Tyniec Village
  • Kayak Slalom
  • Twardowski Cliffs
  • Tyniec Forest


Price per person – 140 PLN

What’s included in the price?

Bike rental and personal guide

Tour Time

~ 11 am – 3pm. Approx. 4 hrs


Krakow Country Bicycle Tour Reviews

 Sarah Mohan
We had a fantastic and interesting tour through the surrounding countryside of Krakow. Mike was full of information and interesting anecdotes and showed us a side of Poland we wouldn't have otherwise seen. Cycling along the river was beautiful as was the sunset overlooking the quarry towards the end of the tour.....We would thoroughly recommend the countryside tour to anyone visiting Krakow. Mike and Sarah (N.Ireland)
My friends and I loved the tour, it was informative, fun, emotional, long and comprehensive, we would recommend it to fit peoples there is quite a lot to see and quite a lot to cycle
Photos by Arek Olek (https://www.flickr.com/photos/arekolek) & Javi Sánchez de la viña (https://www.flickr.com/photos/javisanchezfotos)