170 PLN
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Communism & Nowa Huta Tour

Duration: 2.5 hrs Hotel pickup & drop off Times to be confirmed

About The Communism Tour

”Come visit historic Nowa Huta, where George Orwell’s dark vision of a perfect industrial metropolis was executed with stunning precision. Until, that is, the workers rose up and overthrew Big Brother…” “THE BOSTON GLOBE”

Want to know what life in the People’s Republic was really like? Now you can experience the bad old days first hand! Communism Tours gives you an in-depth look at the life, architecture and politics of the time. Best of all, you get to tour this monument to the Proletariat in an authentic, East German Trabant! (Which will pick you up from anywhere in the city…)

Try this COMMUNISM TOUR (only 170 zl per person!!) and witness all the ins and outs of life in the Eastern Bloc (approx. 2.5 hours).

Alternatively, opt for the COMMUNIST DELUXE option (only 220 zl per person and approx. 4 hours of fun!!) for a hands-on experience which will take you to an exclusive and unchanged apartment for a tasty socialist treat!

The tours are personalized, high energy and prices include all entrance fees and, of course, transportation!

Although there are some romantic aspects to this tour (such as the famed peoples rebellion against the communists), this adventure belongs distinctly more to the mind-boggling category of things than to the picturesque. In fact, that’s probably something of a gross understatement! Nowa Huta was one of only two Soviet ‘ideal cities’ ever to be built. Focused on the gargantuan ‘Lenin Steelworks’ (Nowa Huta literally means ‘New Steelworks), the project was executed miles from either ore or coal. The reasons for this curious move can be understood in relation to Cracow’s reputation as a bourgeouis bastion of traditionalism – the communists were keen to offset this fustiness with a new working class community – ultimately it backfired.

First up is the vast steelworks itself (now being environmentally proofed and somewhat downsized in terms of employees) – think RoboCop meets Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – a world unto itself. Next up we’ll explore the principal parts of the city itself including Plac Centralny, the formidable square at the heart of the rigidly geometrical conurbation.

This tour offers a unique insight into Socialist Poland – an experience that you won’t forget!


Communism Tour (per person) – 170 PLN

What’s included in the price?

Transportation in fun retro East German Trabants, laid back tour in English of the Nowa Huta district.

Tour Time

Start 10am / return ~12pm.


Communism & Nowa Huta Tour Reviews

 paul kucharski
We really enjoyed the tour and Katya's excellent knowledge of the area. She had a great humour and friendliness in relaying the stories to us
Trabants were the best. Guides and stories were great.
Nice tour guide, relaxed and knowledgeable, nice car!
 Julie Sage
Both girls that took us were great and very informative
 Frank Boyle
Joanna, our guide was superb. We had conversations rather than a spiel that someone had learned off. She brought us to the purpose built town for workers in a steel factory -both "a gift from Joseph Stalin". We visited an original shop and restaurant and Joanna talked about the impact of communism on the Polish nation - an informative insight. We could, however, have passed on the Trabant - our transport.
 Robert Phillips
Excellent tour loved every minute of it.our guide was very knowledgeable about the history of the area and the trabant rounded it off.well worth the money and will do it again.many thanks.
 Patrick Devereux
The tour guide we had was brilliant she was the high lite of all the tours we did
We discovered a new side of Krakow with guides who were knowledgeable and fun. Culture and pleasure together is always a good combination!
The guy really knew his stuff. He was also really good fun and had a laugh so it wasn't like a traditional stiff tour.
A FANTASTIC tour guide Veronica who show me the interesting story of Nowa Huta.
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