185 PLN
per person

Auschwitz & Birkenau

Duration: ~ 3.5 hrs Hotel pickup & drop off Pickup 8-9am, return by 4pm Snack included Entrance fees included

About Auschwitz & Birkenau

Should one visit Auschwitz? It is a difficult question, and a deeply personal one. For many people, be they pilgrims on a private journey, backpackers exploring eastern Europe, historians, travellers or native Poles, it is a must. The proximity to Krakow (Cracow) makes a visit to the museums a very real option – the town of Oswiecim (Auschwitz) is an hour and a half journey by car from Krakow. And certainly, having seen the camps (regardless of how many other groups are also filing through) few will regret the experience. The camps and their legacy are an indelible part of today’s world, and visiting them is both sobering and edifying.

The basic structures of both camps have survived, and the experience of these is amplified by a number of exhibitions about the major victims of the atrocities, chiefly the Jews, but also Poles, Gypsies and Russians. There are many different exhibits, and the apparatus of the camps, as well as the personal belongings left behind by the victims will speak for themselves.

Tour Information

We will drive you to the museum at Auschwitz from Krakow. We will also arrange for you to have a tour with a museum guide – all are experts on the camps and their legacy. The tour will also include nearby Birkenau (the expansive satellite of the Auschwitz camp), which for many visitors makes a more powerful impression than the first.

As always, we offer unique tours, free of overcrowded buses and full of worthwhile information – on site and on the way there! Our guides are knowledgeable and spirited locals and will make sure you get the most out of your tour.

Prices and Group Bookings

Price Per Person (up to 10 persons) 185 PLN

Groups over 10 Persons Negotiable

What’s included in the price?

8-seater van transport with hotel pickup/drop off, entrance fees included, headset rental included. On site join others for larger group tour guided in English by someone licensed directly with the museum. The snack provided is a sandwich plus water.

Tour Time

9 am – 4 pm. Approx. 7 hours


Minimum of 2 people per tour. Prices include all entrance fees and taxes. Price provided is for English language tours. Tours in other languages: Please contact for information.


Auschwitz & Birkenau Reviews

 Jennifer Miller 16th Feb 2019
The tour was excellent. Very interesting to visit and not to be missed.
 Guest 14th Feb 2019
Amazing experience. Would highly recommend anyone to go if visiting Krakow. Tour guide was very competent and knowledgeable.
 Guest 13th Feb 2019
Very good tour with excellent guide.
 Hayley George 8th Feb 2019
Our guide was amazing, she spoke very clear English unlike the tour the day before in the Salt mines. The emotion in her voice when she was telling the awful story blew us away.
 Guest 5th Feb 2019
Absolutely harrowing, but amazing
 Tatiane Porchat 4th Feb 2019
The tour was very good, right on time, and the guides were very professional. There are two points that I would improve: one is that there was no time to take any pictures, if we stopped to take pictures we would lose the group. Second is that the sandwich given was not good, maybe you should suggest for people to take their own food.
 Jo Kellett 3rd Feb 2019
The collection was prompt, the guide that took us round was amazing, so informative.
 Guest 29th Jan 2019
Tour was well organized from collection from hotel to the tour guide for both camps. The tour of the camps was emotive and harrowing, however I’m so glad I done it. The guide was very knowledgeable and had excellent English. It did feel slightly rushed at times due to the groups before and after being so close together, however our own tour group size was appropriate.
 Allan Barley 25th Jan 2019
Pick up and drop off were excellent, the Auschwitz tour was very good apart from another guide tended to try to push past our tour on several occasions.we did notice that other tour parties were going into different areas too and we didn’t go into etc, our guide was very good and informative and respectful, at Birkenau it felt we were rushed and forced marcehed from area to area but non the the less we enjoyed it
 Tracey Grindrod 22nd Jan 2019
Very sad but glad we made the visit .our guide was excellent as was our driver
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Photos by Dennis Jarvis (https://www.flickr.com/photos/archer10) and Jason M Ramos (https://www.flickr.com/photos/jaysmark)