Communism Tours

A proud nation that fell victim to an oppressive communist regime after the Second World War, Poland is also the country that lead to the overthrowal of communism in Eastern Europe. Poland’s Nobel-prize winning leader Lech Walesa, the brave Solidarity Movement and the Polish Pope John Paul II inspired the Polish nation to overwhelm communism, leading the collapse of the Berlin Wall.
Nowadays, you can take a trip to the past with Krakow’s communism tours. Discover the joys of Trabants, vodka and pickles, and the grim reality of the Orwellian ‘paradise’ of Nowa Huta, the worker’s city near Krakow.

170 PLN
per person

Take a blast to the Commie past

Duration: 2.5 hrs
220 PLN
per person

Vodka, pickles and Trabants!

Duration: 4.5 hrs