180 PLN
per person

Polish Cooking Classes

Duration: ~ 5 hrs Food included

About Polish Cooking Classes

As you will discover on your holiday, Polish food is delicious! Here’s a great opportunity to learn how to make some of Poland’s most memorable dishes with Marta at her home in Krakow. Marta is the founder of Eataway.com, a community of home cooks around the world where you can invite yourself for dinner, and a keen home cook. In her 5-hour class, she’ll teach you the basics of Polish cooking, including pierogi, wild mushroom or beetroot soup (barszcz) and stuffed cabbage rolls (goląbki). The groups are always small and personal and you will be sure to learn a lot in a relaxed atmosphere. Naturally, there’s also plenty of food to eat and enjoy during the day!

Event Information

Upon booking, you will be given the address of the cook’s home and the time of the cooking classes, as well as simple advice on how to get there by taxi or public transport. Marta’s home is close to the centre and can be reached easily by a 12 minutes tram or taxi ride. When you arrive you will be welcome by Marta and enjoy some coffee or tea before starting the lessons. Everything is hands-on in her well-equipped home kitchen. You will be provided with aprons and cooking tools for your lessons.


Price per person – 180 PLN per person

What’s included in the price?

Personal cooking lessons for 5 hours, a full, home-cooked meal, drinks, and great company!

Further information & Terms

More information also available on eataway.com and the eataway Facebook page.

Photos by Jarek Frycz