Schindlers List Tour

Few wartime tales have captured the imagination as much as that of Oskar Schindler, the flamboyant Nazi businessman who rebelled against Hitler, rescuing over a thousand Jews from the death-camps. Catapulted to fame by author Thomas Keneally and film-maker Steven Spielberg, Schindler's odyssey is now known across the globe. And as it was, the reality of Oskar Schindler's life is every bit as extraordinary as the books and movies proclaim.

Remarkably, much of the world that Oskar Schindler knew in Krakow has survived intact. The Schindler Factory still stands, as does its owner's wartime apartment and the eerie house that was the residence of Camp Kommandant Amon Goeth. Spielberg shot his movie 'Schindler's List' here in Krakow, using many locations that Schindler knew intimately. Our tour combines insights into Spielberg's film with historical details of the wartime occupation itself.

Much of Spielberg's filming was done in Kazimierz, the historic Jewish district, but we will explore the actual wartime ghetto over the river in Podgorze. There, besides the faded nineteenth century housing blocks themselves, fragments of the Old Ghetto Wall survive, as does the infamous Plac Zgoda (Concorde Square - now named after heroes of the ghetto), where Tadeusz Pankiewicz's pharmacy provided a lone sanctuary for the embattled Jewish population.

A little further on is the actual site of the Plaszow Concentration Camp, where a striking monument recalls the victims of Hitler's holocaust. The camp space is currently on the verge of a major memorial renovation, and a visit makes for a deeply moving experience.

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* This tour can be combined with elements of the Jewish Kazimierz Tour.

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Colin Kernohan 6th June 2017

Brilliant - the guide was very knowledgeable and informative. She was very interesting and the time just flew by. The tour also took in the Jewish ghetto, plaznow and some other key locations such as the Jewish synagogue and the location of the old ghetto wall

RICHARD WOOD 4th April 2017

Almost a 9, both driver and guide were first class but the tour was a little rushed; gave us a good insight into the city and it's history and showed us where we must return too and explore further. Recommended for the first day excursion as the guides are knowledgeable and insightful.

Isabella Tudor 15th January 2017

Anna our guide was so informative, and we were glad we booked a tour guide as there is so much information we dont think we would have had as much out of the tour without one.

Guest 8th October 2016

The drive and the tour guide (Kasia) were very pleasant and punctual. The tour guide was knowledgable and proceeded at our pace.

Anna Randall 22nd September 2016

Very good, but felt not enough time to see the exhibits in the Museum

Dave Gardner 12th June 2016

The guide was fantastic and she was very knowledgeable.

Guest 14th March 2016

Very good tour! Maybe if we could spend more time inside Schindler's Factory museum it would be good, our time to view the expositions in the rooms were a little rushed. But fascinating experience! Our guide, Monika, was great, very kind, lovely!

Guest 22nd February 2016

Our Guide was very good The Museum was very interesting We thought that there would have been more to see at labour camp

Guest 11th November 2015

Had potential to be a nine but not enough time permitted to do the Sshinders factory part of the tour justice. You could easily spend all day there. So you should consider devoting a larger part of the tour to the factory and museum

Guest 11th November 2015

Had potential to be a nine but not enough time permitted to do the Sshinders factory part of the tour justice. You could easily spend all day there. So you should consider devoting a larger part of the tour to the factory and museum

Michael Caplan 2nd August 2015

Excellent tour of Schindler factory and other locations that were used in Spielberg's movie. Very moving!

Mr. John Bush 3rd July 2015

Ms Anna Kiesell was outstanding - such a pleasure to hear such knowledge- a truly professional guide. A delight to have been fortunate to be in her charge. Will return again and will request this young lady. Thank her please.

Patricia Bannister 19th March 2014

Fantastic tour with a lovely driver and Joanna our guide was a dream. Thank You

Anthony Gamesby 25th February 2014

The guide was very knowledgable

Guest 26th October 2013

Excellent guide, very good tour but the initial visit to the museum was too rushed. The tour would benefit from having the timings and itinerary properly explained at the start, and as it was a personal tour for one person - more flexibility offered.

A. Randall 4th July 2013

Very good tour with a knowledgeable guide.

Gerry McCauley 6th November 2012

i was not sure what to expect, but by the end of the tour we had what was a great experience , not just informative but enjoyable , due entirely to out guide Anna, who was very knowlegable, took time to explain every aspect of what ever she showed us ,and did nt rush us through the tour, A very nice person . I would have no hesitation in booking again with you , though you would probibly find i,d be asking for Anna as a guide. Thank you Anna !

H. Fedyk 5th October 2012

Anna was wonderful and very knowlegable. We very much enjoyed the tour.

Anna Randall 2nd October 2012

10- our Guide Anna was very good and knew her stuff. Well worth it.

Kathy Scanlan 25th July 2012

Very promptly collected for the tour. Felt very rushed with the tour. Guide was certainly knowledgable but would probably do it by ourselves next time.

Rob Walker 26th May 2012

Great tour guide....a little disappointed with the content of the site.

Guest 17th March 2012

Really really interesting, made all the better by the depth of Anna's knowledge.

Guest 27th January 2012

The Schindlers List Tour was so much more than I expected. Our guide Barbara was so friendly and answered any questions we had. We would definitely recommend this.

Guest 20th December 2011

Our tour guide Anna was very knowledgeable and was a delight, very informative and passionate about her work. We combined the tour with elements of the Jewish dstict & ghetto and it was well thought out. We cannot recommend Anna highly enough.

Heather McKinney 18th December 2011

Our guide Anna was a mine of information and was an excellent representative for your company. Pick up was prompt and the tour was extremely well organised. Anna was friendly,easy to talk to answered all our questions. I thank you for a great experience during our stay in Krakow.

Guest 14th November 2011

I'm glad we done this tour, Anna our guide was lovely and very informative, although we could have stayed in the cinema a little bit longer. the rest of the tour was fab.

Guest 7th November 2011

our guide Anna was very informative and was able to meet the demands and be versatile with our group.

Guest 25th October 2011

We visited the old factory. Personally I expected to be more outside than in a museum.

Guest 11th October 2011

Very good would reccomend it. Our quide Anna was spot on.

Darren Hammond 27th September 2011

The guide was just excellent. Perfect english and answered every question we had. Cant rate this lady high enough

Janice Wooton 26th September 2011

really enjoyed the tour our guide was brilliant could have listened to her all day. the only downside was there was not enough time to look round ,would have liked to been able to have a wander round the streets and have a coffee for a hour or so .

Sarah Hunter 21st September 2011

an amazing experience, our guide Anna was truly wonderful at her job, giving us intricate details of events and places that had we not gone with a guide we would never have known.

Dave Hudson 15th September 2011

The weather impacted on the tour-it rained heavily for most of the tour. I felt we could have spent more time in the factory as the museum was comprehensive. Also i would of liked some time in the Pharmacy. We asked to get dropped of at 2 Pomorska St and as i understand it the Pharmacy, Factory and Pomorska St are part of a combined presentation. Maybe all 3 should be included in the tour. The weather affected our visit to Plazsow but that was ok. Is someone tour related going to buy Amon Goethes Villa? You'd make a lot of money because that would be of interest. I would have preferred more of a tour based on actual events/places eg, where Schindler lived in Krakow, where the work permits(bleustein?) were issued and where Schindler spent his nights out.

John Mckeown 14th September 2011

what can i say,this was an extremely well organised tour, right from the booking stage when nothing was too much trouble, to when we were picked up at the appointed time by the lovely paulita who was the perfect guide, friendly,informative and accomodating and we were brought through kazimierze and the former krakow ghetto and shown some wonderful sites and brought into a couple of beautiful synogoges, but the highlight was schindlers factory, a brilliant museum, that paulita walked through with us and cordially pointed out certain aspects we might have missed. a very full 3.5 hour tour, expertly done and totally enjoyed...well done to you all

Gilly Carr 15th August 2011

I had expected this tour to be all about Spielburg so was very pleased to visit Plasow camp and the museum at Schindler's factory. This museum is scarcely mentioned in guide books yet it was really great. I would have liked a lot longer there!

Dorothy McCauley 30th July 2011

Hi, We had a wonderful tour with Anna for the Schlindler Museum. Our walk was very interesting and the Schindler experience was wonderful. Anna was very informative and pleasant. We needed more time in the Schlinder Museum as the tour could not possibly allow you to see it all so we had to go back in our own time. With the knowledge we had gained from Anna our own trip was well worth the return visit. Thank you so much and we really enjoyed the Krakow experience greatly. We would love to return for another trip.

Guest 14th June 2011

The guides were lovely but the group size was too big for the museum. I thought there would be a little more info about the Ghetto area than we were given as we walked

MARTIN EDELMAN 6th June 2011

I got much more than I expected from the tour. The new museum depicting life before, during and after the Nazi occupation was very well done and conveyed the terrible attrocities of the SS on Polish citizens. Our guide Anna, had a great command of English and of the pertinent history as we toured the Jweish quarter. My party of four heartily recommend the tour with such a guide as Anna. Martin Edelman New York City, USA

Els 26th April 2011

It was everything we expected it to be, and more! Our guide Ana was excellent, and spoke very good English!

Valerie Crozier 21st March 2011

Anna - our guide was very knowledgeable and her English was wonderful. The driver was also good. The tour included everything I expected from a Schindler's trip.

James Fanning 4th November 2010

Excellent. Superb balance between Jewish life before the war and the impact of Schindler. Friendly and knowledgeable tour leader.

Natasha Metzler 24th October 2010

Loved the tour, just wish we could have gone inside the Schindler Factory

Guest 13th October 2010

This was a disappointing yet expensive tour. Certainly not value for money. The street guide was v good, v nice but the visual content of the tour (what we could actually see) was poor. There was an exhibition at Schindler's factory (which is apparently v good) but it was not included in the tour. Why not?

Cora Pol 30th August 2010

The guide spoke to quick english so we didn't understand all of it.The factory was closed at the time we arrived. When I booked I suggested to take the tour in the afternoon. I didn't know the factory was closed than. I think you shoould have told me so we could go there in openi9ng time. It won't surprise you that I want to go inside the factory when I book The Schindlers list tour.

Stan Cichinski 10th July 2010

Tour was excellent except for some misinformation about the availability of the Schindler's factory tour with the guide. Also, the tour was just under 3 hours, when 3.5 hours was promised.

Jay Bleiweiss 16th June 2010

The guide (Anna??) was most imformative and let us linger to take extra pictures in most places. She did not hurry us along and answered questions when asked. She also suggested places to dine and what other sights to see. A worthwhile tour that will be even better once the Schindler Museum opnes.

Anne grant 12th June 2010

very interesting and Anna certainly had a great knowledge off events past and present so 10/10 for Anna very pleasant girl.

Sandra Bäcklund 4th June 2010

The tour was absolutely brilliant. We had a great guide and she gave us a big perspective of the whole story about the Jewish destrict. The only thing that we tought was bad was that we never got to see the factory.

Guest 3rd June 2010

The Schindler's List tour was very, very good. We were picked up from our hotel on time and taken all the places we wanted to see. Our guide, Anna, was incredibly knowledgeable and full of insights. This was well worth the money. I do not think we would have found some of the placs on our own. The only down-side was that the Schindler's factory museum was not yet open, this however is not a reflection on the tour itself.