Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour

The chapel of Saint Kinga in Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the wonders of Poland. Hand-carved one hundred years ago by a group of highly gifted miners, it is an awe-inspiring thing to behold. It would be a great shame to miss it if you're coming to Krakow, and besides, there are many other attractions to be explored here too, including underwater lakes, as well as ancient, smaller chapels - the mines here date all the way back to the thirteenth century.

We will drive you direct to the mines, which saves you having to mess around with buses or trains. We will pick you up straight from your hotel. Once there, we'll see to it that you can join an English speaking tour of the interior. Of course, after the tour of the mines, we'll drive you back to wherever you would like to be dropped off in Krakow!

As always, our tours are original and free of overcrowded buses!. We'll make sure you know all the info and that you won't miss anything along the way. All of our guides are locals with great personalities and they really know their stuff. They'll make sure each and every tour is perfect!

Price Per Person (up to 10 persons) - 160 PLN
Groups over 10 Persons - Negotiable

Tour Times : 4pm - 8pm (approx 4 hours)*

Minimum of 2 persons per tour. Prices include all entrance fees and taxes. Price provided is for English language tours. Tours in other languages: price negotiable.

*Different Tour Times possible - just ask!

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Guest 6th June 2014

It was very intresting and the Guide was Perfect

Guest 6th June 2014

It was very intresting and the Guide was Perfect

Aidan Mallon 6th April 2014

excellent tour very proffesionally run

Mario Ferrante 4th March 2014

The Salt Mine at Wieliczka really must be seen. It was a totally new experience for me, I had never seen anything like it before. I would strongly recommend doing this tour.

Linda Hutchon 24th February 2014

10 = brilliant. We went as a family of 5 with the youngest 11 years of age. We all found it so interesting and would highly recommend it as a place to visit.

Ray Perkins 14th February 2014

very good tour amazing place

Jane Heaton 30th November 2013

Couple of areas under refurbishment but that can't be helped otherwise brilliant!

Sarah 13th November 2013

Very interesting tour, well worth seeing

Ross McGill 12th November 2013

The Wieliczka salt mine tour went smoothly mainly because of the advice I had received from Kasia on conditions and what to expect. The guide was a young student who enjoyed the day, he was very good.

Guest 18th October 2013

Must see - very interesting site - a bit chilly underground

Mrs Karen Mackrodt 19th August 2013

Warn people if they are slightly claustrophobic this is not the place for them, someone in our party had to escape almost at the beginning.

Guest 4th July 2013

I was there 16 years ago and now it looks like Disney. It was nicer when not many people were around, even i took the lift to go down and this last time stairs. Too many changes but it´s been spoilt, from my point of view.

Anna Randall 30th June 2013

A wonderful trip, and well worth seeing.

Robert Jankowski 19th June 2013

Our guide was top notch. Treated us really well throughout.

Tony Colaizzo 22nd April 2013

Interesting tour and sights.

Guest 22nd April 2013

Very interesting site to visit, close to Krakow.

Fred Poska 12th April 2013

very organized and efficient

Andrew Smith 7th April 2013

Very good indeed most enjoyable

Jo Humphrey 6th April 2013

The transport and tour guide were efficient .

Peter Norton 2nd April 2013

Facinating tour of the mines with a great insight into the life of miners through the ages

Anthony Wynn 1st April 2013

It was a great surprise and our guide provided a really helpful insight into the history and culture of salt mining near Krakow

EVELINE LENNOX 28th February 2013

The tour was very informative , yet entertaining

Bjørn Solem 12th December 2012

Very satisfyed,

Guest 13th November 2012

I can't hear the guide's voice even standing very close to the guide. It would be good if we can have head phones. Most of the sections are decorations. It will be more real and interesting if it shows the actual view of every mining procedure.

Guest 3rd October 2012

unbelievable workmanship

Elizabeth Hardwick 2nd October 2012

Our guide was absolutely great. She walked a little fast and more time in the St. Kinga Cathedral would have been nice. I can't say enough good things about it.

T Harrington 29th September 2012

Very interesting trip informative and worth visiting

Meg McGregor 24th September 2012

The salt mine is a great tour this is our third visit as two in the party had not visited, however your side was arranged well let down by a very poor English speaking guide at the mines who when asked questions said her English was not good enough to understand any one in the party, she was also abrupt and definitely not user friendly however I am sure her knowledge was exactly out of a book, spoiled a great tour and the saving grace was that the people on the tour found their own way of making the best of a poor tour guide

Guest 21st September 2012

very interesting, easy to book everything went to plan

Guest 11th September 2012

The Mine was really interesting but I have rated it as a 5 because at the end of the tour we were abandoned by the Salt Mine Guide. The cafe was closed because of a wedding and we were not given an opportunity to have a snack. Also, we were led to a lift which took us out to the village centre rather than back to our entrance point and we had difficulty finding our way back to where our car was parked.

Kevin Billingham 2nd September 2012

An amazing place you cannot beleive the size of some of the caverns & sculptures. Should not be missed

Ned Larkin 30th August 2012

interesting and informative

Michelle Hungate 22nd August 2012

Very beautiful and interesting but too much waiting around time.

Guest 29th June 2012

Absolute fascinating place to visit - totally unexpected. A real highlight for all of us.

Guest 18th June 2012

Amazing what they have made out of salt!!!!

Guest 14th June 2012

The mine was v.interesting to see. More historical detail would have been welcome and the guide had little enthusiasm. I learned more from my notes gained from the internet. The sculptures seen were amazing.

Guest 7th June 2012

not sure what I expected but the whole experience was way more interesting than I had expected. Positively uplifting after Auschwitz the day before

Louise Metcalfe 4th June 2012

Really enjoyed this tour. It was tiring as there was a lot of walking and steps but we were prepared for this by reading previous reviews. It felt like we were in an underground city. It was unbelievable. The only negatives was that when our party met the tour guide who was employed by the mine it was all a bit chaotic outside but once the tour got underway it was fine. Also would have liked more time to look at the shop but this didn't detract from a fantastic trip and would recommend this trip to others who have good mobility!

Rob Walker 26th May 2012

Good tour...

Beata Rancourt 18th May 2012

It was the highlight of our trip to Krakow. The tour guide was very pleasant and knowledgeable. The pace was just right. To our delight, the beauty of the mine outweighed the challenge of bringing our eleven month old baby along. We had read the other reviews and were prepared for the long climb down and the 2 hour tour.

Kalin Radulov 5th May 2012

Amazing place, really a unique experience!

Bonnie Matthews 25th April 2012

It was my second visit this year to the Salt mine tour. The guide was the best. She was pleasant, witty, knowledgeable, and made it a great experience!

Guest 24th April 2012

Very informative tours, well co-ordinated, pick-up on time, good value for money.

Guest 16th April 2012

Interesting place,transportation just oike it was agreeded.

Annette Morrison 10th April 2012

Very interesting tour Would be good if driver told you about cost of photography when you arrive Excellent guide - Evalina

Guest 3rd April 2012

We "were very impressed with the Salt Mines. The Salt Sculptures, "amazing". Would highly recommend a visit. We alos visited Aushwitz and would also recommend this tour. Our driver picked us up from our Hotel on both tours on time and was very polite and couteous a true gentleman.

Guest 21st March 2012

The group of 9 enjoyed the visit. The guide was very knowledgeable and entertaining. When asked, the driver told us to wear all our coats and jumpers, and as a result we were all far too warm. One jumper or jacket would have sufficed !

Guest 12th March 2012

Our guide was fantastic and very enthusiastic about the mines.

Guest 9th March 2012

We really enjoyed the tour.

Guest 8th March 2012

Fascinating tour, highly recommended