Jewish Krakow Kazimierz Tour

For almost seven hundred years, Krakow was home to a large Jewish community. This was all but extinguished during the war, yet the echoes of this world can still be felt across the city.

After a long period of post-war inertia, colour is returning to the districts that Jewish families once knew so well. Splendid synagogues are again functioning as places of worship, and vibrant museums have opened in tribute to the lost world. Jewish klezmer music, reborn with a contemporary twist, echoes from the cellars of Kazimierz, the ancient heart of Jewish Krakow, drawing a host of young Polish and international fans.

On this walk we will explore the streets of Kazimierz, stopping at synagogues, market squares and beautiful old graveyards, (the magical Remuh cemetery is the best-surviving Renaissance Jewish graveyard in Europe). It is likely that there will be interesting one-off exhibitions on in the district, and we can have a look at the best of the shows that are being held.

There is also the possibility to cross the river and explore Podgorze (a short walk from Kazimierz). This area, once a prosperous mercantile district, became Krakow's Jewish ghetto during the war. Fragments of the old wall still survive as a chilling reminder of a past that is really not that long ago at all. Whilst a few Jews managed to escape from the ghetto (Roman Polanski is a well known example) most were transported from here to the death camps.

We will end the walk back in Kazimierz, which today is enjoying a far-reaching renaissance.

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Communeau 9th March 2017

This tour was very pleasant with a tourist guide very interesting about the history of the Jewish district.

Guest 7th August 2016

good guide

Guest 9th March 2016

Monika was great guide, with lots of clear, objective history and making sense of the monuments in a way we couldn't have ourselves. For instance, she gave us lots of stories around the Jewish cemetery in Kazimierz, also conveyed full horror of the Jewish ghetto and the monuments to mark it, in a caring and respectful way. We saw a lot in a small time, and understood fully the history of Kazimier after our morning walk.

Jane Hand 26th June 2015

Barbara was a well informed guide who provided a broad perspective on Jewish life in Kraków over the centuries. She was generous with her knowledge and her time and we learned so much.

Guest 14th June 2015

Barbara was an excellent, knowledgable guide. She taught so much about the history of the Jews in Kraków and about The dark days of WWII. She was quite generous with her time and is passionate about her work.

Sheila Gitelson 31st May 2015

We thoroughly enjoyed our day and Anna was wonderful. She made the tour interesting and illuminating. One of the best we've ever had.

Richard Hirschfield 17th October 2014

Joann excellent

Guest 26th April 2012

Anne was a super guide. We went all the right places. We did also have the time for a cup of coffe...

Guest 13th September 2011

I was traveling with my 2 daughters and sister to retrace the lives of our parents. This was a very personal tour for us as both our parents are Holocaust survivors who grew up in Krakow. Our tour of the Jewish Krakow Kazimierz Tour far exceeded our expectations. Anna (our guide) and Kris (our driver) were amazing and delightful and extremely knowledgeable. Mom had provided us with specific locations and addresses that were extremely meaningful to her and we were able to find and visit each and every one of them. We had a 1942 photograph of our mother and her best friend that we showed to Anna. She and Kris were so observant and familiar with the area that they were able to take us back to the exact location of that 69 year old picture and we were able to take a family picture at that very spot. Anna(and Kris) knew just how personal this trip was, and we were lucky to have had them to bring the past to life for us. We could not have asked for a better team to take us on this journey!

Kasia 15th August 2011

Very interesting! We all enjoyed a lot! Patient and very knowledgeable guide!!!

Michele Clark 3rd May 2011

Anna was very knowledgable about the subject and she took the tour in a very professional manner. She managed to maintain the interest of my 14year old son who learned a great deal from this tour. Anna's English was excellent.

Guest 22nd March 2011

A fascinating and moving experience. The guide was absolutely brilliant - extremely informative and very helpful.

Mr. John Payne 24th February 2011

My judgement is clouded as it was a bitterly cold day, otherwise it was very good.The guide (Anna) was punctual, extremely informative and well spoken!

Paula Higgins 3rd October 2010

The guide was excellent and the tour was close to perfection!

Pamela Fogg 13th August 2010

The weather was out of your control.

Marilyn Gray 23rd May 2010

Anna was a terrific guide and showed us everything in a short amount of time. We were very pleased with her explanations and commentary. Marilyn Gray

Guest 7th April 2010

Well organized and the guide was very knowledgeable and well prepared.

Marta Novakova 28th March 2010

The Jewish Krakow Kazimierz Tour was very nice and full-range. Our guide Anna was brilliant: her attainments, approach, partnership and cooperation with our group was first-class. Thank you for Anna! The only problem was the bad weather.

Morris Tuchman 24th February 2010

Anna was very knowledgeable and very interesting; a great tour!