Hot Air Balloon Tour

Looking for something different to do with the lads? Or maybe you want to treat a loved one to an unforgettable experience (we mean one outside the bedroom!)? Either way you wonít be disappointed by our very special Hot Air Balloon Tour!

Start the day by being collected in style by one of our tourguides (in a genuine, suped-up Trabant or Fiat, from the good old Soviet days!), before being driven an hour out of town to the Jura Krakowska region - where your real transport awaits. Once youíve boarded the basket and are sitting comfortable, you will be asked to put your faith in science as you are lifted to the heavens by the power of gas and the strength of a oversized balloon alone...

As you slowly rise from the ground, you will behold the incredible scenery of the Jura Krakowska district like few have ever seen it before. Spectacular rock formations, rolling forests, Arcadian valleys and ruined castles will drift underneath you, as you enjoy an unforgettable hour traversing the skies and exchanging nods with passing pigeons.

Once youíve touched back down on Mother Earth, youíre sure to have worked up an appetite - but fear not, our guides wonít let you go hungry. A sizzling BBQ, washed down with a few beers, will keep your body fuelled, as your mind digests your amazing adventure. Then itís back in the trusty Trabant to be safely delivered back to your boring old mundane hotel!

Prices starting from 2950 PLN

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