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Why not try something different with one of our more in-depth tours? These fascinating walks go beneath the surface and reveal sides to the city that many travellers miss....

Princely Passions

This tour takes in two jewels in the Cracovian crown, with plenty of smaller gems along the way. Queen Bona Sforza (b.1494) had a habit of poisoning people who got in her way, but she wasn't all bad. No, the Italian princess who married into Poland's Royal Family was a great patroness of the arts. Her influence can still be felt at the Royal Castle of Wawel, with its splendid Renaissance courtyard and tapestries. Your gregarious guide is brimming with anecdotes and insights into this historic castle, and she'll unravel all the mysteries of the ancient seat.

The second focus in this tour is the princely Czartoryski family, and their magnificent collection in the Old Town. Princess Elzbieta Czartoryska (b. 1746) was one of the great personalities of her day, and besides political intrigues, she amassed one of the finest collections of art in Europe. It has survived until this day at the time-warp palace on Pijarska Street. Witness one of Leonardo da Vinci's few surviving paintings - the 'Lady With An Ermine' - and hear how Nazi Governor Hans Frank stole this and many more for his private hoard. Few collections have had to be hidden as often as this, and the Czartoryski saga reads like a Romantic novel. Whilst walking between the castle and the palace, your guide will of course show you many of the Old Town's treasures along the way...

Krakow's Brilliant Bohemia

A hundred years ago, Krakow surpassed herself with an explosion of artistic talent. This terrific tour draws back the velvet curtain on that weird and wonderful world, with a visit to some of Krakow's most magical interiors.

The personalities from Krakow's fin-de-siecle were larger than life, and your guide will paint you an uncensored portrait of these troubled geniuses. Before the First Word War, Krakow's bohemians used to hang out at Michalik's Cafe, where all kinds of mischief went on (rumours of Satanism and naked dancing abounded). This will be one of the first points on the tour, followed by churches, theatres and more. Star of the era was Stanislas Wyspianski, whose interiors for the Franciscan Church need to be seen to be believed. Every corner of Krakow has a turn of the century treasure, and we'll track down all the highlights.

Chocks Away!

You might have heard a few stories about the dashing Polish pilots who helped win the Battle of Britain. Well, this vast open-air museum has fighter planes from every era in the history of aviation, and your guide will bring them to life with scintillating stories about Poland's, and Europe's past. The Aviation Museum is located on one of the oldest military airfields in Europe, and was even home to a hot-air balloon regiment during the nineteenth century. By the late 1920's it was Poland's second largest military air base. Today, besides Polish classics, you'll find over a hundred flying vehicles with everything from a German Albatross to a British Sopwith Camel. All in all, this is one of Cracow's best days out.

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