Communism and Nowa Huta Tour

''Come visit historic Nowa Huta, where George Orwell's dark vision of a perfect industrial metropolis was executed with stunning precision. Until, that is, the workers rose up and overthrew Big Brother...'' "THE BOSTON GLOBE"

Want to know what life in the People’s Republic was really like? Now you can experience the bad old days first hand! Communism Tours gives you an in-depth look at the life, architecture and politics of the time. Best of all, you get to tour this monument to the Proletariat in an authentic, East German Trabant! (Which will pick you up from anywhere in the city...)

Try the COMMUNISM TOUR (only 129 zl per person!!) and witness all the ins and outs of life in the Eastern Bloc (approx. 2.5 hours).

Opt for the COMMUNIST DELUXE option (only 169 zl per person and approx. 4 hours of fun!!) for a hands-on experience which will take you to an exclusive and unchanged apartment for a tasty socialist treat!

Or, tack on the full tour of REAL KRAKOW, including a visit to its breathtaking burial mounds - an overlooked item on many tours’ agendas. Again for this price (only 169 zl per person!!), you simply can’t go wrong (approx. time 4 hours).

The tours are personalized, high energy and prices include all entrance fees and, of course, transportation!

Although there are some romantic aspects to this tour (such as the famed peoples rebellion against the communists), this adventure belongs distinctly more to the mind-boggling category of things than to the picturesque. In fact, that's probably something of a gross understatement! Nowa Huta was one of only two Soviet 'ideal cities' ever to be built. Focused on the gargantuan 'Lenin Steelworks' (Nowa Huta literally means 'New Steelworks), the project was executed miles from either ore or coal. The reasons for this curious move can be understood in relation to Cracow's reputation as a bourgeouis bastion of traditionalism - the communists were keen to offset this fustiness with a new working class community - ultimately it backfired.

First up is the vast steelworks itself (now being environmentally proofed and somewhat downsized in terms of employees) - think RoboCop meets Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - a world unto itself. Next up we'll explore the principal parts of the city itself including Plac Centralny, the formidable square at the heart of the rigidly geometrical conurbation.

This tour offers a unique insight into Socialist Poland - an experience that you won't forget!

Communism Tour (per person) - 139 PLN
Communism Deluxe Tour (per person) - 179 PLN
Real Krakow Tour (per person) - 169 PLN

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Patrick Devereux 14th March 2017

The tour guide we had was brilliant she was the high lite of all the tours we did

Guest 11th March 2017

We discovered a new side of Krakow with guides who were knowledgeable and fun. Culture and pleasure together is always a good combination!

Guest 3rd September 2016

The guy really knew his stuff. He was also really good fun and had a laugh so it wasn't like a traditional stiff tour.

Guest 3rd June 2016

A FANTASTIC tour guide Veronica who show me the interesting story of Nowa Huta.

Ricardo 4th May 2016

The tour was very well organized and entertaining. The information provided by the guide was very interesting and always complemented with her own personal experience, which was an added value. All stops/visits were relevant and interesting, the drive in the Trabant was very cool, and the guide (Kataryna?) was very nice and well informed.

Guest 9th March 2016

Completely original, with funny friendly guide CORNELIA, and riding round in the Trabant made it special, a unique memory NOT the usual tourist experience. We still thought Nova Huta was a good place for people to live, (and Cornelia said that) but we loved the way it was fixed in time...great tour, we had the cafe and drinks too.

Jan Kienzler 12th February 2016

thx again to the both guides, they were brilliant! Hopr to see you again...

Ian Bower 7th January 2016

The Communism tour was quite an eye opener and my guide was most informative. It was most interesting to see this large Soviet style development and particularly using a Trabant which suprisingly don't hang about once on the road.I would have liked to seen another quarter of Nowa Huta which was less monumental with more traditional houses and perhaps some paper handout at end of tour.

P. Veitch 5th November 2015

What a clever wee tour this is. Most people come to Kracow to visit the usual tours it has to offer - but this tour says more about Kracow's recent past. Nothing is missing from this tour and its pitched perfectly to dive just enough into its communist past without offending the tourists or the Kracovians. Well done whoever thought this tour up !!! The young Lady who took us round this tour was also fantastic - well done Monika 2

Billington 2nd November 2015

we loved this tour. we had two cars for the five of us and our two guides were fantastic; really interesting and enthusiastic with perfect English. a great eye opener and our teenage kids loved it too.

Guest 31st August 2015

Congratulations to guide Kuba! He was amazing!

John. 26th August 2015

A hugely enjoyable afternoon. I have studied this period in history whilst my wife hasn't. We both learned much from our guide. A well paced and varied tour, a couple of vodka lessons and some nice food. Chauffeur driven in the back of a Trabant was a treat. Choosing her favourite colour for it was... well... perfect. Very good value for money. I have recommended yourselves to a friend.

Guest 20th August 2015

Not a standard tour - very relaxed and basic information. Deluxe tour is worth the extra time/cost as we visited the apartment which was very interesting.

John Bottomley 4th February 2015

Great day, a serious and sometimes tragic topic was made fun.

Jill Johnson 4th August 2014

Our guide, Kuma (jacob?) was brilliant. He was informative, fun, helpful and on time! I've already recommend this to a friend in Poland now and always will. I learned a lot! Thank you

José RUIZ LOPEZ 1st December 2013

C'est un pan très interessant de l'histoire de Cracovie et du communisme que nous avons exploré avec Maciek . Le peuple polonais n'a pas été dupe des errements et des limites du communisme malgré une propagande éhontée !!!

Guest 12th November 2013

The Nowa Huta tour was good and thorough. But it seemed we were working to a deadline. The more interesting part of the tour was the driver who was in his late 30's and his memories of pre 1989. The driver was thoughtful enough to have a small stool to make it easier to get into his van.

T. Mercer 30th July 2013

We loved the tour, it gave us very good insight into communist Poland, but did it in an easy relaxed way. Our guide was very knowledgeable and spoke excellent English.

Steve Degiorgio 12th January 2013


Guest 3rd January 2013

Great guides, very well-organised tour!

T Harrington 25th September 2012

We found it very interesting our guides were very nice and informative. The lunch we had on our trip was very good.

Victor Rodriguez 14th August 2012

Great Tour Guide!

Guest 23rd March 2012

they text me to say they were overbooked and that they were going to cancel my booking! not impressed.

Guest 8th March 2012

It was a really interesting tour and a very knowledgeable and fun guide - highly recommended

Peter Chatrou 26th February 2012

Was absolutely wonderful, we and the kids enjoyed the tour very much! The ride in the Trabant, the visit of the apartment, the communist film and wodka, and of course the humorous comments of our two guides, we greatly enjoyed it.

Charles TOMPKINS 18th January 2012

The best part of my week in Krakow was when the Trabant broke down and we had to push it to a garage. My friends found that was very funny. Otherwise it provided me with lots of useful information that I would not have had otherwise. In the collection of photos going from empty shelves straight to Solidarnosc was a revelation

Richard Roberts 14th December 2011

My wife and I really enjoyed the tour - it was very informative and respectful - exactly what I had hoped for. Our Guide (Majik??) was very good, a native of Nowa Huta. Gave me a new perspective on Polish, communist and US history.

J.Temple 10th October 2011

excellent guide great fun vehicle

Carole Rainbird 5th September 2011

We had an excellent guide and riding in the Trabant was fun. We had a really good impression about what it was like during the Communist idea. A very novel tour.For some reason I thought vodka tasting was included but probably my mistake. It was great to have someone suggest which food to try in the Milky Bar and the apartment was really interesting esp. the beer cans, Bounty and Marlborough packets and the story of the money taken to the scrap yard.

Guest 17th August 2011

Easy to book. Friendly, informed leaders who pitched the visit at the correct level (we had a group of 16/17 year olds) and it was just the right length, just the right level and a good combination of fun and information. Thank you!

Casteels 11th June 2011

Great,only next time we will be in krakau,we will do the extended commie tour, did not see it on the internet when we booked the tour.

David Batten 28th March 2011


Declan Cummins 1st February 2011

I was looking for something a little outside the ordinary that would leave a lasting impression on us, the crazy communism tour certainly did that it was the highlight of the visit to Krakow for us all. The guides were so friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable about the subject and it was fascinating to get such an insight into the history. The tour was a range of emotions ranging from such fun in the trabant cars and restaurant to very moving when watching the video and visiting the apartment.

Ileen MacGregor 12th November 2010

Tim did the Nowa Huta tour & he was excellent! Extremely knowledgeable for his young age & we could not have had a better tour guide. We were amazed & astonished about the history of Poland..especially about still having the ration book in the 80!s. The places we visited on the tour were unbelivable & the history on communism were fascinating. Please pass my email on to Tim as I said if he ever was visiting Scotland that we would be delighted to show him around. This deluxe tour was worth every penny & would recommend it to anyone vising Poland. Anna did our tour to the Schlinder factory & the Jewish district. I was amazed at her knowledge & she was an extremely thoughful & caring guide throughout. This was a fairly expensive tour..but we had a chauffeur driven car & the places we visited were fascinating & again would not have missed this tour.

Jens Petter Krohn 16th October 2010

Thank you to the guides

Vibeke Gjertsen 4th October 2010

Very interesting! The guides did a very good job, they had a lot of knowledge and managed to tell the stories and history of the communism in a very interesting way.

Guest 8th September 2010

Gave it a 9 bc although I enjoyed riding in the 1986 "Communist" Lada, I would have appreciated a seat belt in the back seat. Bart was great-full of knowledge and enthusiastic. Really provided an informative and insightful tour for a little over 4 hours. Liked the Commmunist restaurant for coffee, review of photos, history, the Communist apartment complete with propaganda film, and lunch at the milk bar. Really enjoyed meeting Bart-thanks. A unique and informative experience! Stongly recommend.

Guest 19th August 2010

Interesting and innovative -- from the guide who showed up and drove us around in the Trabant to the information about Nova Huta to the vodka tasting. Tour guide was young and enthusiastic.

Paul Jennings 14th July 2010

The tour guide, though quite young, had done his homework and was very well informed about Nova Huta. He presented it well and I now have a better understanding of what it was like to live under a communist state. The high spot was undoubtedly having a shot at driving the Trabant!

Jo Warnock-Horn 26th April 2010

This tour will be remembered by the family as a catalogue of disasters from the key breaking in the Lada's boot, so our luggage travelled by taxi, to having to push start the car to get it going, to then finding out our flight which we were being taken to was cancelled due to the volcano explosion! However, our guide went way above the call of duty in sorting things out as well as staying admirably on track and delivering his normal tour.

Charles Darby 21st April 2010

Our guides, Kascha and Ukajs, I think his name was, were both excellent, and my kids really enjoyed the Trabants. Only small criticism was that they were a little late but they were very apologetic and in any event, the traffic held them up so no complaint there.