City Walks Tour

This guided walk aims to open up historic Krakow by focusing on the city's main centres of interest: the Old Town, and the Royal Citadel of Wawel. The walk lasts for approximately 3 hours.

The walk begins at the city's medieval gate, and follows the path of the Royal Way - the ancient route by which kings made their progress through the city. It will take in the major sites between here and the castle, including the Barbican, the Church of St. Mary's, the Market Square and many hidden treasures which lie along the way.

The next phase of the walk will be Wawel Hill - the spiritual home of the nation and the culmination of the Royal Way. Here we will look at the splendid Castle and cathedral (climbing the mythical bell-tower and exploring the crypts are also a worthwhile option). Before leaving Wawel there is also the possibility of leaving through the cavernous Dragon's Den - the home of a swashbuckling legend about a dragon-slaying prince who founded the city of Krakow. (During the 17th century this cave was the home of an equally renowned brothel, and it is said that Kings themselves were amongst the noble guests).

The walk itself is highly flexible and can easily be tailored to your personal interests - detours are a natural part of the tour!

We hope that after completing the walk, the city will have come alive in all its glory.

Price depends on group size, ask us for a quote!

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Guest 25th September 2016

We covered the areas of interest to us. Our guide knows the city and told us may interesting stories.

Val Williams 5th May 2016

Monique was very knowledgable and informative. Excellent walking tour.

P. Veitch 5th November 2015

Monika fatastic young lady. Well mannered and knowledgable. Also had a good way with her and a sharp sense of humour. Great tour.Many thanks Monika..

Susan Barclay 11th May 2015

Our guide was excellent and very informative. Took her time to answer any questions that we had and also tried to rearrange our other tour to a sunday to allow us to visit the musuems.

Olga 7th July 2014

Our guide Kasia Kos was great ... knowledge and personality! Her English was easy to understand.

Bruce Dalgleish 9th December 2013

Anna was very personable and extremely knowledgeable. The tour was an enjoyable and informative experience for all of us, enabling us to appreciate the beauty and the history of Kraków. So much better than a trip in a glorified golf buggy! Excellent value for money.

Guest 16th November 2013

The guide Anna was very good en had very good knowledge of de historic krakow

Guest 13th November 2013

The tour guides were absolutely wonderful and did a great job, we all enjoyed the tour very much.

Ross McGill 12th November 2013

The Krakow city tour was excellent. Melex carts are not my favourite form of transportation. I would never use them again. The guide was so good we hired her for a detailed tour of the Wawel Cathedral.

Guest 13th September 2013

Very nice and we had a guide with great knowledge about Polen and Krakows history.

Mrs Karen Mackrodt 19th August 2013

The guide was really lovely and showed us a great walk at a pace suitable to the hot weather

T. Mercer 2nd August 2013

We loved the walking tour, a wonderful way to learn the city. The guide was very knowledgable and prompt. A must do especially if you have limited time I'm Krakow.

Sirje Reiman 1st July 2013

Our guide Anna met us at our hostel at the appointed time. She was so knowledgeable about Krakow and told us many interesting stories during our walking tour.

Meredith 11th June 2013

The tour guide was very knowledgeable and made the tour very interesting. So glad we booked a guide rather than wonder around ourselves.

Miriam Waligora 10th June 2013

Awfull weather- rain, but the guide Magda was great.

Guest 22nd April 2013

3 hour tour is a good length for a larger group, the guide was smart.

Anthony Garcia 15th April 2013

Superb. Learned about the culture and the history of the city and country. It is a must do for every turist willing to really learn about the city during their visit. We wouldn't been able to achieve the same without the city walk guide.

Guest 15th April 2013

The city walking tour was most worthwhile and I am happy to recommend it. We were well looked after and given a wealth of inormation.

Guest 7th December 2012

Our guide Anna was great! Her English language skills were excellent. The three-hour walking tour of Krakow was a perfect introduction to Old Town and its many historical treasures. I would definitely recommend your company (and Anna) to anyone.

Joshua Pask 18th November 2012

Anna was a great guide who was very knowledgable on the city of krakow. We had a great time on the walking tour.

De Wilde 19th October 2012

De gids sprak duidelijk en goed verstaanbaar Frans met een onderlegde uitleg. Spijtig maar 1 gebouw binnen bezocht. Wel nam de gids voldoende tijd om de nodige informatie te geven.

H. Fedyk 3rd October 2012

Anna was very helpful and was very knowledgeable. I very much enjoyed the second tour which included the visit to Schindler's factory and museum.

Debbie Berg 2nd October 2012

Anna was amazingly informative. She made us realize how much we don't know about Poland- but was gracious to explain the history.

Guest 6th September 2012

Enjoyed it. The guide was friendly and knowledgable.

Catherine Robertson 13th June 2012

My guide was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the history of his city. He focussed the tour on the areas that interested me, and provided me with a laugh and a vision of years gone by.

Martin Bach 1st June 2012

We had very nice 3 hrs with Anna, she did herjob very good:-) She is well known all about Krakau and gave us a lot of good tips.

Louise Conley 30th April 2012

Very good tour guide with excellent knowledge .

Gerard Loivette 4th April 2012

We enjoyed the tour very much with an excellent guide.

Guest 21st March 2012

My group (of 10) were all very happy with the tour. Anna's commentary was very informative. She also gave us an interesting insight into the very recent history of Poland.

Edward Scott 12th March 2012

Very informative and a good orientation for the rest of our stay

Lisa Wojciechowski 11th December 2011

Absolutely brilliant! My tour guide was very knowledgeable, spoke fantastic English and was passionate about what she did.

Guest 10th December 2011

Very informative, at a good pace, flexible to suit our needs.

Pavan Bains 26th October 2011

The tour guide was there on time and the was very knowledgable. We were able to see the main sites with her and found out about so much of Krakow's history. She was excellent and very patient.

Guest 18th October 2011

We met a very nice and warm guide. She told us the truth about polish historie and gave us some nice stories that we could tell the kids in norwegian.

Dr. Hans-Joachim Lemke 9th October 2011

Very goog pepared guide, many informations given with humor and knowledge

Steve Norris 9th October 2011

Very informative and well worth while.

Haeck Julien 22nd August 2011

I sincerely recommand Paulina, as a very very good french guide.

Kaia-Elise Bull-Gjertsen 15th August 2011

Well Done. Interesting with well educated guide.

Guest 11th July 2011

Excellant! I only wish I had booked the tour for the first day. Our guide, Anna, was a wealth of knowledge on Krakow and it’s history. We very much enjoyed her commentary, especially at the Castle. We would highly recommend her!

Guest 30th June 2011

Anna was absolutely the best guide we have ever had and remains the standard against which all others will be measured. she really knows her city and was a delight. We learned an incredible amount. worth every zloty!

Ingrid 12th May 2011

A bit cold, but that is not anyones fault!

Guest 12th May 2011

Too busy, too much focus on facts and numbers. I missed storys from the city and about the people who has lived there.

Guest 6th May 2011

Very good. Pauline was very knowledgable.

Guest 22nd April 2011

Very enjoyable.

Miss Rutherford 17th April 2011

City Walks Tour was very good and enjoyable. My friend and I were limited with the time we had in Krakow so having a tour was the best thing we done. Our guide was very knowledgable and full of interesting facts.

Guest 14th February 2011

The city tour was fabulous. Anna was guide, she took us aroung the city, the castle and the jewish quarter. She was lovely, she was knowledgeable, interesting and answered all our questions. We were 4 ladies on a city break, she adapted the walk to our interest. We all had marvelous time, well worth it. We recommend the tour.

Guest 4th January 2011

Very good. Anna was the guide and she was very informative and interesting.

Kristen 19th December 2010

We enjoyed a long, snowy morning with Anna. She was knowledgeable and passionate about her city, offering stories and anecdotes as we walked. Provided great suggestions for restaurants and music as well as giving us a sense of the history of Krakow and Poland in general.

Guest 13th December 2010

Our guide was very good and kindly met us in the market square instead of the hotel. Monica was very knowledgeable and accomodating. We very much enjoyed the tour

Vincent Boyle 3rd December 2010

We enjoyed our tour and Anna was well informed and made the tour interesting.