Bicycle Tour

There are few better ways to take in the many charms of Krakow than by bike, thanks to the city’s many cycling paths and a largely pedestrianised Old Town. On this amazing bike tour you’ll take in far more of the city than you thought possible in one day, and have a lot more fun than you would exploring the city by foot.

To begin with you’ll be equipped with an easy-to-ride, funky beachcruiser bike (which will make you the envy of Krakow’s two-wheeled community!) and then, saddled up and raring to go, you’ll be led off by your knowledgeable and friendly guide to discover the city. Amongst the many treasures you will uncover are the breath-taking Main Market Square, with its iconic St. Mary’s Basilica and Cloth Hall; Wawel Castle and her resident dragon; the majestic buildings of Jagiellonian University; the Jewish Quarter and many other important sites such as the famous window from which John Paul II spoke to his people and of course Schindler’s Factory in Podgorze.

The joys of this tour lie not only in what you will discover but also in the simple pleasures of biking through the leafy Planty gardens, along the lazy Wisla river and through the quiet streets of Kazimierz. Despite being extensive the tour is not strenuous and is suitable for virtually all levels of fitness. There are plenty of breaks for explanations and photo opportunities. The duration of the bike tour is 4.5 hours.

Country Bike Tour

If you’ve seen all the major sights of Krakow (maybe you took our city bike tour!) then this afternoon bike ride is one for you. A chance to get out of the city and explore some of the surrounding countryside with the freedom that only two wheels brings!

The chief destination of this tour is the beautiful Tyniec Abbey, which rises majestically atop of wooded hills just 11km from Krakow. Your private guide will lead you there via riverside cycling paths, and along the way you’ll have the chance to admire some lovely landscapes as well as a smattering of fortresses and palaces. Once you arrive at the ancient monastery itself (its origins date back to the 10th century) you’ll see architectural marvels from Renaissance times and hear Benedictine monks chant the liturgy of the hours.

Once your limbs are suitably rested, you’ll start homeward bound through the Tyniec woods, for a more intimate adventure in the Polish countryside. Hidden behind bushes and trees you’ll even discover an old Austrian fortress frozen in time. Around this point of the tour the sun will slowly be setting, indicating that it’s time to get out your cameras out for a superb shot of the cliffs of the wizard Sir Twardowski. Not long ago these rocks were a quarry, where Pope John Paul II himself worked as a miner; but today, filled with water, the site is a beautiful, hidden lake for swimming, sunbathing, scuba diving and rock climbing. From this breathtaking vantage point there’ll just be time to watch the sun setting over Krakow before scooting back home on your faithful beachcruiser bike, ready to explore the city’s legendary nightlife.

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Kate Landry 3rd November 2014

Mike is a great guide. Interesting and informative. A fantastic start to our visit to Krakow. ..

Derek Shepherd 27th May 2014

Our guide Mike was great, very knowledgeable, great conversation and good fun. A great way to learn about Krakow.

Sarah Mohan 29th April 2014

We had a fantastic and interesting tour through the surrounding countryside of Krakow. Mike was full of information and interesting anecdotes and showed us a side of Poland we wouldn't have otherwise seen. Cycling along the river was beautiful as was the sunset overlooking the quarry towards the end of the tour.....We would thoroughly recommend the countryside tour to anyone visiting Krakow. Mike and Sarah (N.Ireland)

Guest 2nd March 2014

It was not a bicycle tour, but a walking tour due to the season. Anna the guide was very knowledgable and it was a very good tour.

Bart 18th August 2012

great guide. Very good english and explanations about Krakow. We love Mike bike.

Ms. Randi Knudsen 23rd April 2012

Mike was a clever and knowledgeable guide who showed us the main sights in Krakow.

Robert Farrugia 12th April 2012

It was a greayt way to see Kracow and plan the rest of your holiday. Bike Mike was an excellant guide.

Guest 14th October 2011

My friends and I loved the tour, it was informative, fun, emotional, long and comprehensive, we would recommend it to fit peoples there is quite a lot to see and quite a lot to cycle

Babs Prewett 24th September 2011

The tour was the highlight of our stay-the only way to see Krakow-Mike was knowledgable, organized amd delightful. Will definitely recommend. Babs Prewett

Mrs N Wall 26th May 2011

A definate must, Mike was a real character, bringing the city to life with his stories and tit bits. A very well informed chap with a great sense of humour and pleasant nature.

Hayley Veale 10th May 2011

The bikes were really good, "Bike Mike" was great, really friendly and informative, he took us places we would otherwise have missed. The weather spolit the chances of giving this tour a 10 !

Paul Burbage 2nd November 2010

it was a brilliant way to see and get to know just some of the highlights and stories of a beautiful city! mike was a great guide and very knowledgeable, entertaining and informative. would love to do again, and will definitely recommend to others! thnx!

Ian Rothwell 31st October 2010

Excellent tour. very interesting and enjoyable. we loved krakow

Guest 7th October 2010

A terrific way to see the city.

Wendy Meffan 19th September 2010

Mike was a great guide

Naomi 1st July 2010

great bikes, nice trail and a nice guide. Would def recommend to friends. Also went back to Mike to hire bikes on the Saturday. Really good service