Auschwitz Tour

Should one visit Auschwitz? It is a difficult question, and a deeply personal one. For many people, be they pilgrims on a private journey, backpackers exploring eastern Europe, historians, travellers or native Poles, it is a must. The proximity to Cracow makes a visit to the museums a very real option - the town of Oswiecim (Auschwitz) is an hour and a half journey by car from Cracow. And certainly, having seen the camps (regardless of how many other groups are also filing through) few will regret the experience. The camps and their legacy are an indelible part of today's world, and visiting them is both sobering and edifying.

The basic structures of both camps have survived, and the experience of these is amplified by a number of exhibitions about the major victims of the atrocities, chiefly the Jews, but also Poles, Gypsies and Russians. There are many different exhibits, and the apparatus of the camps, as well as the personal belongings left behind by the victims will speak for themselves.

We will drive you to the museum at Auschwitz from Krakow. We will also arrange for you to have a tour with a museum guide - all are experts on the camps and their legacy. The tour will also include nearby Birkenau (the expansive satellite of the Auschwitz camp), which for many visitors makes a more powerful impression than the first.

As always, we offer unique tours, free of overcrowded buses and full of worthwhile information - on site and on the way there! Our guides are knowledgeable and spirited locals and will make sure you get the most out of your tour.

Price Per Person (up to 10 persons) 160 PLN

Groups over 10 Persons Negotiable

Tour Time: 9 am - 4 pm. Approx. 7 hours

Minimum of 2 people per tour.

Prices include all entrance fees and taxes. Price provided is for English language tours. Tours in other languages: Please contact for information.

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Jaque Grinberg 14th February 2017

Pick up was exactly on time; guide was brilliant - knowledgeable, sympathetic - 'lunch' was lousy, but who has an appetite in this place

Guest 10th February 2017

The guide was superb but it all felt a little rushed with no time to stop and reflect on things you were seeing Our driver was a little grumpy and made us feel unwelcome

Lois Williams 8th February 2017

Our driver Helena? Was wonderful. She was waiting for us in reception. The drive was smooth and safe and she chatted to us in great English giving us information and answering questions. She looked after us really well. Nothing was too much trouble and she guided and transported us throughout. The tour guide at Auschwitz was very good, very informative. All together would strongly recommend.

Darren Pooley 5th February 2017

The tour was very well handled, the English tour guide we joined was very informative, explained a lot of the detail in a sensitive way, and was always sympathetic to those that had suffered at the camps. We saw a lot of more of the camp than we had anticipated, with access to several barracks and areas that we hadn't expected. I can't say it was a great experience, purely because of the nature of the place itself, but I can say I was very grateful I had taken the tour, to gain a true understanding of what took place there and to pay my respects to those that suffered. I would recommend taking the tour, because of the historical relevance and the quality of the tour provided.

Melissa Burley 31st January 2017

The Auschwitz tour was very well organised. We were picked up promptly from outside our hotel, the driver explained the order of the day and gave us instructions on where we need to be at certain times etc. At Auschwitz we had an English speaking tour guide who was very knowledgable and gave us all a great insight into the realities of such a horrific period in history. We are provided with a sandwich and a drink from our driver, and there was also snacks available at the cafe. Overall the day at Auschwitz-Birkenau was eye opening, saddening but also very insteresting at the same time. I would definitely recommend booking through this company for the Auschwitz tour.

Guest 24th January 2017

Slightly rushed at Auschwitz1 but guide was excellent

Beth Appleby 20th January 2017

Fantastic tour, no negatives at all to mention! We were picked up on time by a friendly driver in a lovely taxi. Tour was amazing, guide was great and very informative. Would definitely recommend.

Steve Powell 4th January 2017

Your driver was very good picking us up from our hotel at the scheduled time. We got to Auschwitz about 40 minutes ahead of our scheduled tour time of 10.30 and then had to wait in the cold for about another half hour until it was our group's turn to take the tour. The guide was excellent and the tour was very thought provoking.

Nigel Barrett 22nd December 2016

Very good logistics and tour

Leigh Mason 21st December 2016

The driver was on time but was not very talkative it seemed a bit like a military exercise and felt rushed its very much like it's all about making money rather than the experience it seemed very rushed.

Aisling Kelly 16th December 2016

Tour was excellent - downside was the amount of people visiting which made the visit rushed with no time to dwell on where you were. Tour organisation excellent.

Delyse Dalton 11th December 2016

Sad but so compelling

Stuart Green 5th December 2016

Thought provoking & essential tour to remind everyone of recent atrocities. Andrew our driver was very amiable, passed us on a local English speaking guided group of about 25 before a short transfer to Birkenau. Wrap up well if going over winter months!

Ian Draper 4th December 2016

The overall organisation of the tour from hotel pick up to hotel drop off was excellent, with helpful friendly drivers and guide. The visit was well arranged and we had time to relax between elements to relax and absorb the experience. This was in fact my 2nd personal visit this year and I found it helped to formalise my thoughts about the whole holocaust issue.

Lynne Phillips 23rd November 2016

Very interesting but all so very sad but a very good trip.

Peter Rye 18th November 2016

The tour was well organized with pickups throughout Kraków for each hotel, and the visit to Auschwitz is profound and moving. Our Polish guide had a great mix of fact and narrative to convey, as much as he could, the horrors of the place. While a visit to Auschwitz is not a happy-feel-good day, it's extremely moving and needs to be experienced. I have used Kraków Atours before to visit the Salt Mines and they again took great care of us to show us their part of Poland.

Guest 17th November 2016

Picked up on time, friendly helpful driver.

Jane and Ella White 4th November 2016

The tour was fantastic, really informative. The pick up was exactly on time.

David Hickey 4th November 2016

I booked the Auschwitz tour with Freebookers blind. No 3rd party referral. Our driver was punctual, drove carefully, walked us through the procedure at Auschwitz and the day's timetable. All went according to plan. At the end of the day, we were dropped outside our apartment. I will not hesitate to use Freebookers in the future.

Freya 1st November 2016

Fantastic. Well organised. On time. Incredibly informative and friendly.

V. Fullbrook 28th October 2016

Very moving and guide was very informed

Georgina Harper 25th October 2016

The tour itself was really good and very educational.

Paul Townend 23rd October 2016

Excellent guide, Anna.

Mateusz Wilk 17th October 2016

Friendly driver; well organised tour; according to plan and schedule.

Eleanor Martin 17th October 2016

An unforgettable experience

Wendy Little 14th October 2016

Brilliant very organised hassle free tour with great drivers and guides.

Acey Weston 13th October 2016

An emotional journey into the past. A definite must see, so much to learn and feel. Prompt pick up and great treatment by the driver and tour guide, both very welcoming.

Mark Holmes 13th October 2016

Well organised. Very informative.

Margaret Rathbone 10th October 2016

The pick up was on time - Artur, our driver was very helpful and informative about the area we were travelling to and we liked him very much. Auschwitz was very emotional - it is so important to keep the memorial alive and ensure people learn from it. Our guide on the tour was superb.

Guest 7th October 2016

The only improvement would be if they opened more building and let different groups go in different buildings so they weren't so crowded.

Nicole Del Sesto 4th October 2016


Wendy Singleton 3rd October 2016

We were picked up from our hotel on time, our driver (Andrew)was very nice and helpful. Our guide for the Auschwitz Tour was absolutely fantastic. He has been doing it 10 years and was full of enthusiasm and was happy to answer any questions. He spoke with compassion and was full of knowledge. I can't remember his name, but it started with V

Guest 2nd October 2016

very organized. tour leader was very informed

Greenwell 28th September 2016

Prompt pick up. Well organised. Comfortable mini bus. Grateful for the umbrellas provided as the weather was quite wet. Very emotional tour.

Guest 27th September 2016

It was well organized. The driver was on-time. The tour was very good.

Linda Brennan 25th September 2016

Eva our guide was amazing, everything was v efficient and organised, recommended

Sean Prendergast 21st September 2016

It's a must. We had a great guide with good English

Sean Prendergast 21st September 2016

It's a must. We had a great guide with good English

Mrs Joann Gavin 20th September 2016

This tour was everything I would expect from a great tour, the driver was fantastic, he drove carefully and told us lots of information, he was pleasant and polite and very very helpful as we had 2 individuals with learning disabilities in our group. Cannot praise him enough. He is a valuable asset to your company. The trip was life changing, the sites are much bigger than I thought and being there made the situation somehow more real, if that makes sense. A must see, well done.

Pat Murray 31st August 2016

Excellent tour,picked up from hotel bang on time by Arthur for our trip to auschwitz,very professional trip to a pretty harrowing place,guided tour a bit rushed by excellent guide but I can see why it has to be this way

Wilfred Plante 24th August 2016

I would like to thank you & your staff for an unforgetable experience the guide we had was clear & knowledgable. I will never forget the sights & feeling I got while reliving the horrible things that happened there. Will & theresa Plante

Anne-Marie Scott 24th August 2016

Great driver, knowledgeable guide but very rushed - no time to even read information.

Wilfred Plante 24th August 2016

I would like to thank you & your staff for an unforgetable experience the guide we had was clear & knowledgable. I will never forget the sights & feeling I got while reliving the horrible things that happened there. Will & theresa Plante

Guest 22nd August 2016

interesting thought provoking

Guest 25th July 2016

I thought our guide David Kennedy was excellent. Such an emotional subject is hard to present in a calm but sensitive way, which he did admirably

Guest 23rd July 2016

Auschwitz itself was a real eye opener. However, the ride was VERY bumpy and felt a bit awkward

Guest 21st July 2016

The tour was very well arranged. The pickup service was in time, the tour guide was very pleasant to listen to and we got a realistic impression of the camps. Two small points of critique: so now and then it felt like we had to hurry from one place to another, as it was very crowded within the buildings of Auschwitz especially. This did not feel quite right with respect to the disasters that happened there, as the spot turned into a real touristic attraction. Also, the headphones we were wearing during the tour were disturbed so that it was difficult to hear what our guide was telling. The loud noise got me a little bit annoyed.

John Blute 17th July 2016

The tour was very well organized from a timely pickup to a guide who was passionate about telling this story.

LEVI TEHILA 13th July 2016

wellorganized and carried out toperfection

Guest 12th July 2016

It was well organised with a courteous driver who picked us up from our apartment and a knowledgeable guide whobwas very informative and helpful.