Auschwitz Tour

Should one visit Auschwitz? It is a difficult question, and a deeply personal one. For many people, be they pilgrims on a private journey, backpackers exploring eastern Europe, historians, travellers or native Poles, it is a must. The proximity to Cracow makes a visit to the museums a very real option - the town of Oswiecim (Auschwitz) is an hour and a half journey by car from Cracow. And certainly, having seen the camps (regardless of how many other groups are also filing through) few will regret the experience. The camps and their legacy are an indelible part of today's world, and visiting them is both sobering and edifying.

The basic structures of both camps have survived, and the experience of these is amplified by a number of exhibitions about the major victims of the atrocities, chiefly the Jews, but also Poles, Gypsies and Russians. There are many different exhibits, and the apparatus of the camps, as well as the personal belongings left behind by the victims will speak for themselves.

We will drive you to the museum at Auschwitz from Krakow. We will also arrange for you to have a tour with a museum guide - all are experts on the camps and their legacy. The tour will also include nearby Birkenau (the expansive satellite of the Auschwitz camp), which for many visitors makes a more powerful impression than the first.

As always, we offer unique tours, free of overcrowded buses and full of worthwhile information - on site and on the way there! Our guides are knowledgeable and spirited locals and will make sure you get the most out of your tour.

Price Per Person (up to 10 persons) 160 PLN

Groups over 10 Persons Negotiable

Tour Time: 9 am - 4 pm. Approx. 7 hours

Minimum of 2 people per tour.

Prices include all entrance fees and taxes. Price provided is for English language tours. Tours in other languages: Please contact for information.

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Guest 25th July 2016

I thought our guide David Kennedy was excellent. Such an emotional subject is hard to present in a calm but sensitive way, which he did admirably

Guest 23rd July 2016

Auschwitz itself was a real eye opener. However, the ride was VERY bumpy and felt a bit awkward

Guest 21st July 2016

The tour was very well arranged. The pickup service was in time, the tour guide was very pleasant to listen to and we got a realistic impression of the camps. Two small points of critique: so now and then it felt like we had to hurry from one place to another, as it was very crowded within the buildings of Auschwitz especially. This did not feel quite right with respect to the disasters that happened there, as the spot turned into a real touristic attraction. Also, the headphones we were wearing during the tour were disturbed so that it was difficult to hear what our guide was telling. The loud noise got me a little bit annoyed.

John Blute 17th July 2016

The tour was very well organized from a timely pickup to a guide who was passionate about telling this story.

LEVI TEHILA 13th July 2016

wellorganized and carried out toperfection

Guest 12th July 2016

It was well organised with a courteous driver who picked us up from our apartment and a knowledgeable guide whobwas very informative and helpful.

LEVI TEHILA 11th July 2016

The driver was was exeptional. HE was friendly , polite and educated .He was very knowledgeable.He organised our visit perfectly.

Guest 10th July 2016

Everything went smoothly.

Charlotte 9th July 2016

The tour was amazing! Guide very informative, would recommend a guide through out the tour as you are able to ask questions. Lunch was provided during the break.

Ian Mellor 29th June 2016

Fantastic and awe inspiring.

Alison Armitt 27th June 2016

Really thought I had to go to see this place to fully understand the events that happened there. I would of loved more time to stand and contemplate the surroundings but the guides keep you moving at a steady pace. I did feel rushed. Once visited though never forgotten.

Guest 25th June 2016

Very efficient organization. Friendly personnel. Not one single negative point.

Barry Williams 22nd June 2016

Very moving but professionally presented. the guideas superb.

Duane Bridger 22nd June 2016

Very insightful. The guide was knowledgable and passionate.

Mike Tomcik 21st June 2016

Our tour guide was not very receptive to questions,and we couldn't stay long in any one spot, but considering the crowd that needed to move along I don't think it could have been better.

Cheryl Jones 18th June 2016

The tour was excellent! Very well organised! The tour guide was so knowledgable, and very interesting to listen to. She was very friendly and obviously enjoyed her job. Her name was Magda. I think she told us everything she knew.

Cheryl Jones 18th June 2016

The tour was excellent! Very well organised! The tour guide was so knowledgable, and very interesting to listen to. She was very friendly and obviously enjoyed her job. Her name was Magda. I think she told us everything she knew.

James Vegella 16th June 2016

Guide was very nice. Spoke perfect English. Told us all the highlights. If you are ever in Krakow you must take this tour.

Jane Richardson 10th June 2016

Excellent tour. Your driver was wonderful, helpful and very kind

Guest 8th June 2016

well organized, everything ok

Angela Cosgrove 4th June 2016

Very well organised from start to finish and guide was very informative.

Susan Graham 1st June 2016

Our driver lovely. He was courteous and very attentive. The guide was very knowledgeable but a little quiet. We were herded like cattle, and I was disappointed as I would have liked a little time to reflect at the monument. If you stopped for a moment, you would have to sprint to catch up!

Gail 26th May 2016

The trip was very good, however it is also sad to the no what all of those people went through. Very informative.

Guest 26th May 2016

Tour was excellent. Very thought provoking but also very disturbing.

Guest 26th May 2016

Perfect driver great service

Shubha 22nd May 2016

Well organised and very informative.

Guest 21st May 2016

Excellent tour, very good guide, covered everything

DONNA MAINS 18th May 2016

very moving, emotional experience.

Jane Stanford 10th May 2016

Our driver arrived prompt to pick us up at our hotel, was very nice and polite and drove us safely to Auschwitz. Our tour guide at Auschwitz was excellent. After the tour our driver met us with lunch which was very adequate.

Ken Kilbey 4th May 2016

Excellent tour and arrangements. Pick-up at hotel was prompt and guide at Auschwitz introduced us to its horrors in a most sensitive manner.

Tom Stafford 30th April 2016

Excellent highly recommended, a must for all.

Guest 25th April 2016

Our driver met us at our hotel and drove us to Auschwitz, he gave us all the practical information and provided us with a briliant guide.

Guest 23rd April 2016


Neil Cramer 22nd April 2016

Very sad but glad we went, Agata was excellent.

Peter Lucas 20th April 2016

very awe inspiring , a lot of people and sometimes difficult to understand the guide , but we understand the ptoblem we were well looked after and have no complaints

Elaine Muir 18th April 2016

we loved the tour very chilling

Guest 16th April 2016

The only issue we had was that we could have done with more time at Auschwitz 1 to look at the outside exhibition, as there was a lot of input from survivors / family etc. Also at Auschwitz - Birkenhau we would have liked time at the end to have a walk around on our own taking in all we had been told and maybe gone up the watch tower

Sophie Coker 2nd April 2016

Deeply affecting and draining experience but absolutely wouldn't have missed it for anything. I'll never forget some of the things I saw. Our tour guide had a brilliant style, respectful, sombre and informed.

Richard Whitehurst 2nd April 2016

Punctual, Well organised, Great Tour, the tour guide of the camp was excellent!

A Hill 1st April 2016

Tour guide was excellent

Sally Eyre 29th March 2016

Well organised, picked us up on time. Provided pack lunch and great driver and tour guide

Anne Bruen 19th March 2016

The service you provided was excellent. The driver was lovely and very helpful. And the time keeping was excellent too. Auschwitz was great to see but very sad and hard on your heart.

Guest 14th March 2016

Great tour, very enriching experience. Totally worth it. The quick snack between the visit of the camps is a good addition.

Natalie McKenna 10th March 2016

Absolutely moving, but handled with care and respect by guides and all staff.Our guide WITOLD was especially good, bringing it to life with humanity.

Guest 28th February 2016


Orla Kelly 25th February 2016

Our tour was the best tour we have ever been on. Our guide, Andrew Kennedy was amazing. He was so knowledgeable.Everything on the day ran very smoothly.

Guest 18th February 2016

Good organisation. Sandwich can better

Dominic Macari 4th February 2016

Excellent. The only reason I have marked it as 9 and not 10 is that I would have liked to have had perhaps an hour say to wander around on my own.

Gordon Ohara 30th January 2016

Very good enjoyed

OMER VANDEBROECK 25th January 2016

Very good timing and organisation. Just maybe this comment: the sandwich for lunch was no good according to the quality of food in Krakow.