We just returned from out vacation and everything was great. Every tour we took through your service was exactly what we were looking for. The guide for the Krakow city tour was very informative and it was a perfect way for us to start our vacation there. We both enjoy knowing the history of places we visit, especially a place like Krakow where there is so much history. Our driver to Auschwitz did a good job getting us there as was fun to talk with. We had a fun time in the car ride. He helped us get our tickets and got us going in the right direction once we got there. The trip to Zakopane was amazing. What a beautiful place, and of course crazy Mike was a great person to go there with. It truly was just like hanging out with a friend instead of getting a typical tour. We are sorry that we could not complete the hike that day, however, it has now become a personal goal to get in better shape and go back to complete the hike someday.
Great service, thanks again - Jason

Krakow Tours - I immensely enjoyed our walk. Your knowledge of Cracow and the political, social and historical context in which it exists were quite impressive and entertaining. I could not think of a more worthwhile way to spend four hours. The only criticism I have is of your fee - it was too low. Howard Yaruss,
New York City

Just back from Krakow and can I say WHAT A BEAUTIFUL CITY. I will be going back there in the summer with my wife. The tour was great and Mike our guide was really good and helped us .There were 5 of us in the end and we all thought the service was excellent - Tony

Many thanks for all your help - and efficiency - we had a very moving trip to Auschwitz with a lovely tour guide and driver. I am very grateful to you for your patience and responsiveness - Sara

Thank you for our tour on Saturday, We will be coming back to Kracow again soon, as there is so much we didn't have time to see! Kelly Robinson

Thank you so much for the wonderful tour! Anna was great. What a beautiful personality. She's very sweet and made the whole journey a very fun one,despite the destination (Auschwitz). I fell in love with Krakow. I can see why you all are so dedicated to having people learn so much about this beautiful city. I"m planning on going back some day and I'll be calling upon you again - Sandy

I just wanted to say many thanks for sorting out the 2 tours for us. Really enjoyed the walking tour... it was great to see Krakow through the eyes of someone who was enthusiastic and passionate about the city. His recommendations on good bars and restaurants were spot on. And many thanks to Agata (apologies if I have spelled her name wrongly) for driving us to Auschwitz and arranging the tickets; enjoyed her conversation, she was very easy to talk with and told us to try out the raspberry beer - unusual but delicious! Really impressed with the organisation and professionalism, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to friends or business colleagues if they are visiting Krakow... Lorna and Martine Bradford

I would like to take this opportunity to thank... your team for the visit we undertook... we all agreed it was a wonderful tour and the service you provided was exellent. We will be returning to Krakow in the near future and maybe we will take another tour... so until next time You all take of yourselves. Steve, Elizabeth, Karl & Julie

We really enjoyed our trips to Auschwitz and Wieliczka salt mines. We would like to send our thanks and appreciation to Agatha. She was a lot of fun and very knowledgeable - Tim, Sue, Brian and Linda